Tuesday Tacos

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  1. Guillermo C

    My second time here since it opened. I have had both tacos and today, a huge torta de asada. Delicious. The biggest torta I have ever seen. Simple menu, clean location and reasonable prices.
    –Guillermo C.

    • Lynda D

      My husband and I have ordered tacos from Happy Taco 4 times now, chicken, asada, & pastor and they are pretty good! The prices are reasonable and the tacos were very flavorful! I wish the condiments were self-serve but other than that, this has become our local taco spot. They also offer tortas, quesadillas, & hot dogs but haven’t tried them yet. The location is pretty small so we always take our food to go. I think they close early, around 9 pm, even on the weekends. —Lynda D.

      • Daniel G

        If you are looking for tacos for a good price, a torta that is awesome and want to support local business this is your place.
        The meat is flavorful and the green salsa is a must. I really enjoyed the torta also. Everything is great here. –Daniel G.

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